Want to get out and meet like-minded guys and girls?
How does a 4 hour hike on the hills and being back in time to enjoy Saturday night sound?

LiteHike4Saturdays is a once-a-month hill walk for guys and girls new to hiking, or for existing hill walkers, who fancy a shorter, more relaxed hike on Saturday, leaving Sunday for everything else!

Hike Saturdays When are LiteHikes on? Saturdays: 17 June, 15 July, 19 August.
Where to meet? National Concert Hall, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2 (map)
Meet on the pavement outside the main entrance at 11:00.
Transport? You can bring your own car...
Loads of us walk, cycle or take public transport, too. We car pool so there are plenty of lifts to the hike.
How long? Four hours on the hills starting at approximately 12:00.
Plan to be back in Dublin at approximately 17:30.
What to bring? See our info page for a comprehensive list.
But don't feel like you need everything on the list. The main thing is to stay warm and dry. Key items:
  • Gear: sturdy walking/hiking boots, a waterproof jacket, warm fleece or jumper, hat & gloves and a small backpack.
  • Food & Drink: packed lunch, a large water bottle and a hot drink in a flask.
  • Change of Clothes: for after the hike - these will be left in the cars.

Path to Peak Challenge

What should you expect on the day?

We'll be heading down to the hills of Wicklow for walks specifically designed with first timers in mind. We want you to enjoy your afternoon, the great outdoors, and the company! We're talking a maximum of four hours walking – so if you're up for that, then this walk is for you.

You'll be in the company of other beginners as well as some experienced hikers looking for a relaxing Saturday. The idea is that you get a chance to try hillwalking with the minimum of hassle and worries – so the day is designed for you and your friends. Why not join up with a few others and make a day of it?

What to do next

Simple! Let us know that you are coming - that way we can plan a route that's best for the numbers we have. Meet us at 11am at the Concert Hall on Earlsfort Terrace. See you there!

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