Information and Advice

Safety First

Hillwalking is an activity with a danger of personal injury or death. You are responsible for yourself whilst on the hills. Donít depend on the group. You must bring proper clothing, footwear, rain gear, packed lunch, hot/cold drinks and change of clothes for after the hike. Weather conditions can deteriorate quickly, and are nearly always more severe on the hills than at lowland levels. Walkers should be in good health and have an appropriate level of fitness. If you are aware of any medical condition, which may affect your ability to complete a walk, (e.g. diabetes, blood pressure, etc) you should inform the hike leader on the day, in confidence.


You MUST come prepared for a day in the mountains. While weather might be sunny and warm when we meet in Dublin, conditions can be completely different in the mountains.

BootsNearly all hikes are mostly off-road. Therefore, for ankle support and waterproofing, boots are essential.
Waterproof jacket and waterproof trousersEssential for the Irish climate all year.
Hiking pants or LeggingsThese are comfortable and quick to dry. Shorts are an option in summer months. Jeans are not suitable at all for hiking at they are too heavy, very slow to dry and restrictive.
Base layer topChoose synthetic or wool fabrics, instead of cotton, which is better at transferring moisture away from the body.
Hat and glovesThese make a huge difference. Don't forget to pack both.
Packed lunchYou will burn a lot of calories on a hike so food is essential. A good combination might include a sandwich, fruit/nuts and sweets/cake.
WaterOn a hot summer's day take at least 2 litres. In winter, 1 litre and a flask of a hot drink is recommended.
Warm layerYou can get particularly cold on breaks or if the group has to go slowly. A fleece or wool jumper is suitable
RucksackFor day hikes a 30 litre sack is suitable.
Complete change of clothes and shoesThis can be left in car.

€2 Charge

There is a small €2 charge at each hike to cover the administration costs of the club (first aid, training, website, functions, etc).


New hikers may avail of 3 "Taster Hikes" to see if they enjoy hiking with the club. After that, to continue hiking with the club, membership is required. Furthermore, only members may attend multi-day hiking trips with Out and About.

Annual membership is currently €35 (there is also a concessionary rate). The membership fee is paid to Mountaineering Ireland, of which group Out and About is an affiliate member. Mountaineering Ireland lists full benefits here. To apply to become a member please contact us.

Walk Grades

We usually have two hikes on Sunday:
Moderate-paced This walk will be at a slower pace and will incorporate plenty of short breaks.
Faster-paced This walk will be faster and will usually involve more ascent. It will require a reasonable level of fitness.
New members hiking for the first time are advised to take the slower-paced option. Both grades start and finish at the same time. In winter we finish before it gets dark. In summer, some hikes may finish later to take account of fine weather and longer daylight e.g 18:30. We will draw the attention of hikers to this possibility before the hike starts. In addition, where possible, this will be included in the information setting out the details of the hike in our hiking schedule.

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